Your Midwife ~ Avril Bowens, CPM, LM, HCHI

Avril is a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) and is Licensed in Wisconsin (there is no license available in North Carolina for direct entry midwives). She owns and operates a small homebirth practice in Western North Carolina dedicated to supporting women's choices in childbirth. She also provides a 'Pregnancy Home' for every woman by offering Doula Services, HypnoBabies Hypnosis Childbirth Education Classes, and several other classes providing the educational  framework needed to help make women's visions reality. 

Avril began studying midwifery in 1997 after giving birth at a birth center to her first daughter. She became a DONA trained Doula in 1998 and has been working with families since that time while completing her studies and clinical training in midwifery. She has had the pleasure of working with several different midwives in home and birth center settings throughout the years and began taking clients of her own in 2003 and has been serving the women in the Mountains of Western North Carolina ever since. She compliments her practice with her extensive knowledge on herbal use and preparations as well as her understanding of the important role good nutrition plays in our health and the health of our babies. 

Avril takes personal and professional development seriously and is constantly taking classes and workshops to increase her knowledge and proficiency as well as introducing new techniques to benefit childbearing women. She maintains her neonatal resuscitation as well as CPR /First Aid for professionals every two years. Other courses include BEST (Birth Emergency Skills Training), in depth Lactation Courses, Communications, Women's Sexuality and more. She is currently working towards a Bachelor Degree in Nursing and Pre-med.

She lives with her husband of 19 years on a small farm with her three children (all born at home) enjoying milk, cheese, eggs, meat and vegetables from the bounty of her own land and labors. She teaches Irish Dancing to the children in the Franklin community and in her free time, she enjoys nature's company, hiking, swimming, gardening, singing, and all sorts of crafts including knitting wonderful baby hats and homemade baby slings!


Office (828) 342-8128 and Fax (828) 349-0964

About Midwifery in North Carolina 

North Carolina is one of the last 6-7 states that have not yet embraced direct entry midwives who provide maternity care for women who choose to birth at home. 

Unfortunately, there is no license available in NC at this time for Certified Professional Midwives. There are however several organizations which are lobbying for licensure. Please show your support for midwives by speaking out and by joining:

North Carolina Friends of Midwives

Citizens for Midwifery

Show your active support with good old time and attention; emailing, calling, educating and donating.  

Please lend an extra hand and help with legislation because you value choices in childbirth and understand that
Certified Professional Midwives are the only professionals, trained specifically to support women in out of hospital birth settings.

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