Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)...

Having a baby vaginally after a cesarean birth is a perfectly acceptable choice and can positively impact a woman’s life in many profound ways. Although women who have had a cesarean birth are grateful for the safe arrival of their baby, they may also feel grief, disappointment, or confusion at missing out on the powerful experience of birth. Aside from the physical advantages of birthing vaginally when compared with cesarean birth, there is often much deep emotional and spiritual healing in a VBAC. Vaginal Birth After Cesarean can be a joyful, triumphant, and family-centered experience.

Unfortunately, many women who seek a vaginal birth after a cesarean can not find a care provider (Obstetrician) or a birth place (hospital) willing to support their legitimate decision for a vaginal birth thus more and more women seeking VBAC look to midwives who attend women in their homes. Although, the risks of complication for women with one previous cesarean birth are virtually the same as a first time mother, as with any true emergency in the home setting, should a catastrophic emergency occur, there is a delay in accessing life-saving surgery or other interventions for mother or baby.

~VBAC can be a deeply fulfilling experience that honors~

~the value of both the process and outcome of a gentle natural birth~

 The Most Successful VBAC candidate with the LEAST RISK…

  • Has had only 1 previous cesarean
  • Has allowed at least 18 months between deliveries, preferably 2 years
  • Has a low transverse uterine incision with a double closure of the uterine layers
  • Experienced no infection following surgery
  • Experienced no fever following surgery
  • Labored and dilated in previous labor
  • Has already had one successful vaginal birth (either before or after a cesarean)
  • Has had an ultrasound to determine implantation site of placenta (not in the lower segment and not covering scaris best!)
  • Begins labor spontaneously

Other very positive factors...

  • Has an excellent diet currently and when the cesarean took place
  • Has had an excellent prenatal education, has a wonderful support team
  • Has prepared physically and mentally for the upcoming birth